At Southern Huskies our vision is to be the best basketball team in the world, both on and off the court.

As we strive towards that goal, we have laid out our mission, vision and values and our position on a number of different issues.


Southern Huskies is an inclusive and multicultural club, with the goal of being acknowledged and respected around the world for its sporting achievements and values. In the relentless pursuit of excellence on and off the pitch, the Southern Huskies strive to exceed the expectations of its members and supporters.


To be a global leader in basketball through both our sporting achievements and values, as well as through our socially responsible approach to sport and the integrity of our corporate management.


Winning Spirit

We enter each competition with the goal of achieving the highest level of success. We aim to prove our constant work and commitment, as well as our loyalty to supporters.


 Southern Huskies are a sincere and honest rival on the court. We compete with integrity and respect for the teams we compete against, as well as their fans. Off-court we aim to maintain solidarity and comradery with all other clubs, providing our continued support to all players and sporting authorities.

Excellency and Quality 

Southern Huskies aspires to excellence, and we strive to have the best players on our team – both Australian and international. The Southern Huskies’ values are central to our approach, and as such we instill the same dedication and commitment to our mission within our players. We seek out individuals who consistently display the quality, discipline and capacity to make sacrifices in pursuit of our goals. In our management, the relentless pursuit of excellence and good leadership are core to our success, and help us build a sporting team that young players will aspire to join.

Team Philosophy

Southern Huskies comprises many diverse individuals; from the athletes to the management. We aim to work as a team, bringing the best out in each individual to benefit the club as a collective.


 Southern Huskies devote consistent effort to the continued development and education of players and staff, with the aim of encouraging all to pursue their individual goals. We dedicate attention and resources to all players to assist with every area of coaching and training, including social and ethical training and citizenship.

Social Responsibility 

 Southern Huskies are aware that our activities and behaviour can influence the broader community. We are dedicated to acting with integrity in our corporate management; promoting the best sporting values; strengthening our relationship with our members and fans, and the development of charitable projects both in Australia and abroad.

Economic Responsibility 

 Southern Huskies are committed to the responsible, efficient and honest management of all material and immaterial assets in order to benefit our members.


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